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Welcome to Awakenings

Each of us has had experiences that have caused us to wonder about the Universe. Some of these we would call spiritual awakenings. Often we don’t realize the dramatic impact these events have had on us until many years later. But some of them have literally changed and transformed our lives. They have set us on a search for inner meaning, opened the desire to understand and develop a deeper purpose, and increased our love of others, and ultimately, ourselves.

In these magical days of 2012, we have been told through many sources that we are becoming much closer to each other. Our hearts are opening, fears are surfacing and being let go. We are told that as a Human Collective we are becoming One. We are losing our prejudices, seeing value in different cultures and finding violence and war abhorrent.

These are the days that prophets in all traditions have said would be the prelude to a wondrous Golden Age. I have found, as have many others, that when we share the experiences that have most profoundly awakened us, there is a freedom, a release from holding-in this Light and Love. When we hear other’s stories, while different than ours, they seem to confirm and validate the experiences we have had.
In essence, sharing and supporting one another in this intimate way draws us very close, bonding us, even more powerfully than just knowing we are interested in the same things or share common beliefs.

Recognizing how wonderful this kind of sharing is, we have made this a place where each can share their moments of awakening and we can each see the magic that we all have experienced. Knowing that no experience is better than another, these are the stories that touched us personally in a way that has brought us to this time. Some of these moments will be very dramatic. Some will be as a soft whisper in a gentle breeze. Sharing our Hearts like this, I believe, is a major step forward on the Path to Oneness. In Oneness, we are lifted into a Higher World of Light and Love for All, to a time many have called the Ascension.

So we invite all who feel so inclined to share the stories of their Awakening Hearts. Recognize these are to be read by others who are busy with the business of living. So a little brevity will make your stories more likely to be absorbed and appreciated.

How to Post Your Awakening Story:

Please email your story to one of our administrators. We won’t alter it, so make sure it is exactly as you would like others to view it. You can sign off with your name, initials or use ‘Anonymous’. Please put a title to your story! We will post it and then check back often as you may wish to answer a comment left by a viewer!


What It’s Like ~ A Shared Awakening by Mike V.

What It’s Like

Describing awakening is tough.

What a person feels and suddenly understands literally takes the breath away, like
walking to the edge of the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Sure, hints and tips and clues pepper your life from an early age but it’s that
exploding moment of awakening that glues all that stuff together.

I will never forget the epiphany. View full article »

I grew up in a household full of anger and hostility. My father and mother argued and fought alot. My little brother was the comic and theatrical rebel. I jumped into the role of peacemaker. Quiet, serious, sensitive to others feelings…always avoiding confrontations….I was brought up in the Lutheran faith. Sang in the choir, etc. but the organized teachings never felt right. I would sit and stare at the statue of Jesus in the front of the church and the images of Him and angels in the stained glass windows. (I have always been drawn to pictures and statues of angels) View full article »

Beyond the Meadow ~ By Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le)

Beyond the Meadow

by, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le)



My earliest memory of this, my one and only human incarnation, actually begins in the moments just before my birth. I’ve always been able to so clearly remember the beautiful grassy meadow dotted with flowers, and the dusky looking sky.  Up above where a large group of us were gathered was something enormous and circular with an orangey-pink glow.  The air felt clean and cool. View full article »

“What Wings? “ by Ariel DeAngelis

“What Wings? “ by Ariel DeAngelis

It’s been a while now (March 8th) since Rick (Winsor) sent me an invitation to share my own story of awakening here on this wonderful network of like-hearted people. I am truly honored, and look forward to sharing with everyone!

I know that I’ve been dragging my feet about it a bit though, and when my Guides have asked me what’s holding me up I’ve had to be honest in saying that I’ve been having a tug of war between my head and my heart whether or not to share. View full article »

My Joy Kindness and Love more now

When I was a young child growing up in Iowa, I heard stories about my brother, whose desk would walk around his room at night and my mom’s stories from séances at her friend’s house. I went to church with my dad on Sundays.  This was normal.  When something was lost in the house I was the finder, I always new right where it was-no thought or searching required (and I am sure I flew down the stairs when no one was looking).  Sometimes at night my thoughts would run away and I would be scared of the strings of zeroes that would get bigger and longer and seem to take me over. View full article »

The event, a vision, happened on 13 February 1987. Rather improbably, it happened while I was driving my car. I’ll try to describe it in as much detail as I can for interest’s sake. You may recognize it as a variation on the spiritual parabola or Jacob’s ladder of consciousness, both of which are discussed in my book, The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment. (1)  This description forms the final chapter of that book. View full article »

Calling Out to the Universe ~ By Dennis Robertson

Calling Out to the Universe

March 12, 2012

As I sit here with tears flowing, and feeling a great agony with the state

of the world and the mad march of humanity, it feels like my great

awakening has reached an apex, a turning point … for the fourth time, or

fifth time … I guess I’ve lost count now.

I’ve been working non-stop for quite awhile just to maintain survival, and

I just had to take a break tonight, relax the mind, give it a break, and

watch a movie. It doesn’t matter which one it was … one of those that

has the ability to help profoundly awaken those that are receptive. View full article »

I Know I Am a Spiritual Being in a Body ~ By Susan Brandt

Where to start…I had an unusual upbringing in that back in 1949 I went to West Africa , the age of 18 months..with my Mum..for the 1st join my Dad who was a Radio engineer working for the British Overseas Services, under the old Colonial system. Needless to say I fell in love with Africa, the smells the sounds of the Bush…the life there… View full article »

No Coincidences Here!


As I look back through my life, I try to look at it as, “why did this (or that) happen”? And since I don’t believe in coincidences, I know everything happened for a reason. For what reason exactly? I may not know for sure in this life.


In childhood I went to a Methodist Church with my grandparents. And then as a teenager I attended a Baptist Church for a couple of years. I remember thinking to myself, “they have this part (and that part) all wrong! It’s not like that.”  View full article »

I Finally Broke Through by Ron Head

In 1969 I was in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Okinawa.  I met and married an Okinawan girl.  Through her, I became a Buddhist.  I had long been disillusioned with any religion I had come into contact with at home.  I found Buddhism to be a good fit with my ideas of what religion should be like.  During the following months, I became friends with a man who kept feeding me books to read.  I had always read several books per week, so he was having an easy go of it. View full article »